Pricing Disclaimer

Quoted rates for outpatient surgery include the initial office fee of $250.00, payable at the time of evaluation. It will be applied to the cost of surgery. If surgery is not performed, the fee will be retained to cover the office visit. The charge is non-refundable.

The price quoted includes the fee for surgeon, anesthesiologist, and facility. The price does not include the cost(s) of lab, X-ray, other diagnostic tests that may be required, nor does it cover the cost of complications that may occur with any surgery, travel, or lodging costs. If overnight stay is required, we will be happy to help arrange local accommodations convenient to our facility.

If we file private insurance for you, the quoted rate does not apply, but may be applicable to your insurance deductible. If you have any form of government insurance (Medicare, Medicaid, Railroad Medicare, etc.) these rates do not apply to you either. The quoted rates are for patients who pay the entire fee, minus the cost of the initial office visit, prior to the time that surgery is performed.

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