Prepper's Corner

What is a “prepper”? Let’s examine the root word of prepper, “prepare”. The dictionary defines prepare in a couple of ways, i.e., “to make ready beforehand for some purpose, use, or activity”, “to put in a proper state of mind”, or to work out the details of: plan in advance”.

Ok, what are “preppers” preparing or planning for? I believe the answer to this question forms the basis of everything that will follow in these pages, in other words, survival, or continuation of a “normal” way of life. Let’s face it, the modern conveniences of life are very useful and make our lives very comfortable. Cell phones, automobiles, climate-controlled homes, electric widgets of every conceivable persuasion, “supermarkets” for food, clean water on demand, drive-in medical care, prescription drugs, and much, much more.

Most folks haven’t a clue as to how these things happen, where they come from, or what it takes to sustain them....Read the full introduction


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