“I went to a number of specialists and neurosurgeons. Only one wanted to operate. An orthopedic surgeon in Charlotte wanted to put a bunch of screws, pins, rods and plates in my back. That is non-reversible but I’ve never talked to anyone who’s had that type of procedure that was successful. Through a friend of my wife, I heard about Dr. McMillan and Synergy Spine Center. During our first visit, he told me he could get rid of the majority of my pain. We started to go through a process, in order to satisfy the insurance company. Next, we inserted a pain pump. It was life changing, for a while. I won’t say I didn’t have pain at this point but it wasn’t bad enough to really bother me. Over the years, more problems developed. My spinal stenosis symptoms became unbearable. September 2, 2010, I had an endoscopic micro discectomy at L3/4 on the right side; it worked wonders. Mid November 2010, I had L4/5 on the left side treated, and I’ve had no problems since then. My mobility is 85-90% currently. But before these two surgeries, it was only 35-40%. I have the utmost confidence in Synergy Spine Center. They exude trust. The staff calls every month or six weeks just to know how I’m doing. I love them to death! Synergy Spine Center has staff that are honorable and skillful. It is a good Christian facility. The doctor understands pain. I went back to him in May 2011, after the second surgery in November. My pain pump was set on 8 and has since turned it down to 1. Very soon, we plan to remove the pump entirely. The pump used to make me sleepy all the time, but since it’s on such a low setting now, that has not been a problem. I’ve passed the Wal-Mart test! Before I had my surgeries at Synergy Spine Center, I would have to use one of those electric buggies at the store. Now I’m able to push a buggy like normal. Had I not visited Synergy Spine Center, I would not be at work today. I would be at home in bed. Long-term prognosis: It’s a relationship. I can trust Dr. McMillan and Synergy Spine Center staff to do what needs to be done. If they can’t help me, I know they will put me in the right hands.”Julian W.
October 16th 2015
Walhalla, SC
Degenerative Discs / Spinal Stenosis
“I was in so much pain before going to Synergy Spine Center. I have had so many other surgeons tell me there was nothing they could do for me but now I feel the best that I have felt in years!! The surgeon and staff are wonderful, and were very kind to my family and I.”Bj Esancy
August 1st 2016
Pickens, SC
Herniated Disc
“I had surgery at Synergy Spine Center on Thursday July 14th, 2016 – I had severe lumbar stenosis and could hardly walk prior to surgery. I was walking hours after the procedure, it has been a week and I feel absolutely no pain in my legs. I have 4-6 weeks to go before full recovery but I feel relieved and glad to have found Synergy. Thank you to the Doctor, and his staff!”Andree Poitras
July 25th 2016
Quebec, Canada
Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
“Synergy Spine Center staff provide excellent service. I had back pain for many years. As I was walking into the building for my initial consult, the cheerful woman working there walked in with me. She said, “You look like you are in rough shape. Don’t worry, as soon as you have the procedure done, you will be feeling great.” She was absolutely right. When surgery day came, I knew what to expect. The procedure was quick and the recovery was as smooth as possible. My follow up questions were always answered in a timely manner. Dr. McMillan, and the staff have an excellent bedside manner and made me, and Victoria feel at ease. If you have recurring back problems, Synergy Spine Center can help.”Adam Artigliere
July 22nd 2016
Greenville, SC
Herniated Disc
“My back procedure went fantastic, and the spinal care team were as well!They are the leading spine center in sciatic nerve and lower back pain. In my opinion, they care about what will fix people, and not just what will maintain them until it gets worse and progresses. They honestly don’t care what the system requires; they care about what will effectively help the patient getting his/her life back. How many doctors have you talked to, or even heard of, that will do the required surgery or procedure regardless of cost or what the experts recommend versus what they think or know will help? Synergy Spine Center has a team who cares. They are a private practice so no big companies, or insurance company can persuade them. Please support Synergy Spine Center by recommending, or going to see them. This practice is not running by companies who want money, but by people who care.” Sam Green
June 9th 2016
Peidmont, SC
Spinal Stenosis
“Thank you to everyone at Synergy Spine Center! You all are the best and very caring! This morning I woke up and did not have to take pain medicine and the numbness in my leg is starting to subside! I am so grateful for you and your staff! “Dianne Conlon
August 3rd 2014
Spartanburg, SC
Degenerative Discs / Spinal Stenosis
“Dr. McMillan is an excellent surgeon. I got good results.”Mike Emily
June 15th 2016
Greenwood, SC
Spinal Stenosis/Sciatica

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