Out of Town Patients

Out of town patients may request review of MRI films with a telephone consultation before an in-person visit. To determine if clients are candidates for endoscopic microdiscectomy, laser discectomy, or other spinal care services, one of our clinical specialists will discuss your symptoms and MRI results. We will also provide written documentation of the findings and treatment recommendations to you or your referring health care provider. If you are determined not to be a candidate for our professional services, travel to our Seneca facility will not be required.

If you are a candidate for spinal care services at Synergy Spine Center you should plan for a 3 day stay at our center.

  • Day 1: Clinical evaluation and examination by the surgeon performing your procedure
  • Day 2: Diagnostic or surgical procedure performed.
  • Day 3: Postoperative evaluation and follow-up.
  • Day 4: Additional procedure(s) or discharge home.
  • Day 5: Postoperative evaluation and discharge home.

Local accommodations will be discussed and arranged once patients are accepted for treatment.

Further details and instruction for off-site MRI evaluation and consultation may be obtained by contacting the Synergy Spine Center office.

Free MRI Review