Dr. McMillan’s Quest

Back pain—crippling and debilitating—keeps 4 out of 5 people from participating, much less enjoying, life at least once in their adulthood. Past the age of 50? More than 1/3 of Americans have chronic pain, which curtails some sort of every day activity.

Dr. Marion R. McMillan III certainly understands the magnitude of the pain, accompanying fatigue, and loss of productivity. He began a quest to help nearly 30 years ago. A graduate of Yale and Tufts Medical School, Dr. McMillan learned from the best and served in Naval and university hospitals up and down the Atlantic coast.

Since 1992, he has worked in the Upstate of South Carolina innovating and improving on endoscopic surgery of the spine. Awarded a patent for the method and apparatus for performing percutaneous laser disc decompression on April 10, 2012 as well as a second patent on June 9, 2015 for the method and device for single point identification of neural tissue during endoscopic microdiscectomy, Dr. McMillan has published international papers and lectured across the southeast on his findings and treatment methods.

Not only does the endoscopic surgery have proven success rates, it cuts recuperation time in half with no hospital stay. Procedures at the Synergy Spine Center are done on an outpatient basis, often with patient returning home within a few hours instead of 2-4 days in the hospital. The incision length is less than half an inch rather than several inches. Relief comes often with 2-5 days, rather than 2-5 weeks. The cost of the surgery is less than half the normal fee. It works faster and for less money. Why do anything else?

Dr. McMillan is an activist for the ease and relief on endoscopic spinal surgery. He believes that in less than 5 years, it will be the protocol for nearly all spinal surgeries. A pioneer in the field, he is ever improving his tools and techniques. His mission is to alleviate pain caused by spinal stenosis and herniated discs. He knows what to do. He invented it.