What is a prepper?

What Is A Prepper?

What is a “prepper”? Let’s examine the root word of prepper, “prepare”. The dictionary defines prepare in a couple of ways, i.e., “to make ready beforehand for some purpose, use, or activity”, “to put in a proper state of mind”, or to work out the details ofplan in advance”.

Ok, what are “preppers” preparing or planning for? I believe the answer to this question forms the basis of everything that will follow in these pages, in other words, survival, or continuation of a “normal” way of life. Let’s face it, the modern conveniences of life are very useful and make our lives very comfortable. Cell phones, automobiles, climate-controlled homes, electric widgets of every conceivable persuasion, “supermarkets” for food, clean water on demand, drive-in medical care, prescription drugs, and much, much more. Most folks haven’t a clue as to how these things happen, where they come from, or what it takes to sustain them.

But what if they suddenly were not there? How would you sustain a safe, comfortable lifestyle? How would your family survive? One more point; it doesn’t take a “doomsday” scenario to interrupt the modern conveniences of life. Natural disasters, social or political unrest, pandemics (who knew), international conflict – we live in a very unstable world. Each one of these can cause radical change. Most of the things we depend on we do not control.

Have you considered energy independence, a stable private water supply? Long term food storage? Is your home protected against an EMP (what is an EMP?)? How does one prepare for the unknown? In the pages of Prepper’s Corner, I will share some of the things we can control, and should strongly consider; namely individual and family preparedness for unforeseen interruptions in essential goods and services, and the ability to live independently, with minimal to no dependence on others for basic life essentials.

And one final thought; you may ask why is information on prepping for independent living on a spine care website? I believe that folks interested in exploring choices and making independent decisions about their health, are the same kind of people who may be interested in pursuing and making choices about independence and self-reliance in general. In the interest of full disclosure, I receive a small commission if you purchase preparedness products from any of the vendors identified in these posts. That is not my primary purpose in recommending them, or producing this blog, but I thought you should know anyway. I have used many of these products myself, and have recommended them to others entering the preparedness arena. The views and opinions expressed in these pages are mine and mine alone, except when outside sources are referenced in footnotes. While they may be appropriate for me, they are not meant to substitute for doing your own research and verifying the appropriateness or applicability of any specific recommendation or opinion to your own particular situation.

– Marion


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